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Certification serve as recognized proof of competence and achievement, improves your job opportunities, create a higher level of confidence.


Certification serve as recognized proof of competence and achievement, improves your job opportunities, create a higher level of confidence.
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Certified Clinical Medical Assistant Specialist
Becoming a certified clinical medical assistant / specialist
Minimum requirements are:
• Training completion or
• Experience in the field for one year or more.

Duties of a clinical medical assistant:
A clinical medical assistant works under a direct supervision of a physician performing clinical skills : recording vital signs like temperature, pulse rate, respiratory rate & blood pressure, measuring height and weight, preparing the examination room to be ready for the physician to examine the patient ,performing different modes of electrocardiography like 12 lead ekg, 10 lead ekg, 3 lead ekg, 5 lead ekg, 15 lead ekg or an ekg on a dextrocardiac individual, also different types of ekg may be asked to be performed which may include holters monitor & telemetry, another set of skills would be the phlebotomy skills which includes evacuated tube method, butterfly technique also known as winged infusion technique, syringe method, capillary stick blood collection, glucose testing, bleeding time test , preparing a blood smear, urinalysis , oral swab or nasopharyngeal swab.

The Clinical Skills Duties may include:
• Perform vital signs
• Measure and record height & weight
• Prepare examination room
• Patient communication for patient interview or patient education
• Perform electrocardiography on patient
• Draw blood from patient using different techniques
• Collecting specimens and processing it with proper handling for transporting it to the laboratory
• Understand the responsibility as a clinical medical assistant
• Equipment sterilization and disinfection
• Performing pulmonary function test
• Using incentive spirometry

Minor Administrative Duties may include:
• Handle medical records
• Patient appointment scheduling
• Patient communication for insurance information
• Pre-authorization
• Maintaining and updating patient records if required
• Ordering supplies and keeping a track of the medical equipments and supplies

Clerical Duties may include:
• Cleaning the examination room
• Cleaning a spill (blood or water or any liquid)
• Maintaining the reception area to ensure cleanliness
• Disposing the biohazard waste
• Maintaining a log of biohazard waste
• Updating equipment maintenance log sheet if required

Additional skills may be required as per the facility requirements.

How to register for the certified clinical medical assistant specialist certification exam?
Fill out an online form at http://nccanow.com/registration_page.html and select your testing site, if your academic institution is not a testing site ask you academic institution to be a testing site for the exam you are willing to take.

If you are unable to get in touch with the school authority send us a request for contacting your academic institution for being a testing site.

What type of exam will the candidate take?
The certified clinical medical assistant specialist certification exam is a 2 PART EXAM

Part 1: Clinical Skills Exam: the candidate will have to perform the clinical skills under the supervision of a qualified evaluator, your clinical skills will be recorded in the clinical skills booklet manual provided to the testing site for reporting your scores.
Part 2: Theory Exam: the candidate will challenge the multiple choice exam which will test the candidate’s knowledge in the respective areas.

For more information on exam layout visit http://nccanow.com/exam_layouts.html

Why do I have to take the clinical exam?
The reason for taking the clinical skills exams is to raise the standards for your training and make sure that you not only possess the theory knowledge but also the clinical skills knowledge to actually perform those clinical skills, this will not only increase your level of training but may also help you in gainful employment.

What are the available exams formats for the certified clinical medical assistant specialist certification exam?
Clinical Skills Exam: Live (under supervision of a qualified evaluator)
Theory Exam: Online and Paper based

Where can I find more information about this exam?
Visit this link http://nccanow.com/uploads/NCCA_Candidate_Handbook.pdf to get access to our “candidate handbook”.

What is unique about the NCCA’s certified clinical medical assistant specialist certification exam?
We test the student’s knowledge in both areas
-clinical to check their performance on the clinical skills &
-theory to check their knowledge in subject areas required to be a clinical medical assistant.

How can I show my employer that I have performed clinical skills on my certification to be certified clinical medical assistant specialist?
Download and print a copy of our “letter to employer” for all certified candidates of NCCA from http://nccanow.com/uploads/NCCA_Letter_to_employer.pdf. The letter mentions about the clinical skills exam which must be passed to become a certified clinical medical assistant specialist.
Clinical skills exam performance will also be present on your score report.

How often should you renew the certifications?
NCCA believes in continuing education more frequently so that the candidate can have a constant touch with knowledge, Candidate’s are required to attend the continuing education units / credits every year to renew their certification.

What is a certification exam?
Certification is a voluntary process by which a candidate willingly applies to become certified;
The candidate has to pass the standards set by NCCA to become a certified clinical medical assistant specialist. Certification may or may not be a requirement for a job.

Where can I find review questions?
Visit the link http://nccanow.com/learning_resources.html to get access to free practice quiz for phlebotomy, free practice quiz for EKG, free practice quiz for clinical skills for clinical medical assistant, free practice quiz for medical terminology.
How can an institution become a testing site?
Visit the following page (click here) to find out more information. Information provided or communicated to us will be further reviewed.

Can an academic institution take both the sections of the exam?
Yes, both the exam sections including clinical skills exam and theory exam can be taken at your testing site.
• Clinical skills exam will be evaluated by a qualified evaluator
• Theory exam will be attempted under a strict supervision of a proctor

What is the certification exam fee?
Members: - $75
Non-Members:- $135

For more information email us at info@nccanow.com.