Why Get Certified

Certification is a voluntary decision to get certified by a candidate.
Being Certified assures employers and the public that you are recognized as a qualified professional. Certification is a means of measuring and documenting knowledge that is required today.
Importance of Certification

Certification programs are designed to offer professionals the means to demonstrate critical knowledge and skills that promote the provision of quality services and ethical practice.

Why Choose NCCA
NCCA is a certification agency and academic professional membership association representing
the Allied Healthcare, Rehabilitation, Administrative ,Sports/Fitness and Technology Competencies.
NCCA Certifies candidates on basis of clinical skill and multiple choice for its allied healthcare exams, this reflects your clinical skills as being tested before granting certification if successfully passed. A positive start to your career of interest.
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Clinical Skills Exam + Multiple Choice Exam  =  Allied Healthcare Certifications
National Certification NCCA

National Certification Career Association
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